Folding Girl

Stubbornly she sat

the girl with the folding skin,

all grounded and unnatural

with an unusual hew

in her special grin.

I thought of her last Thursday,

wondering if she washed in the folds

and was it hard to iron her clothes.

Green and blue shines

the cat drums his flies

and I, all over the wine

sit uncaring looking

at the timber declining

where I’d love to lie.

All you need folding girl

is confidence to be

and like the pigeons you’ll believe.

Then the pigeon begins to grind its feet

against the shop window

as it needs to watch a video.

So I told him you’ll love that

and he said I love you

instead of its your fault

and the I do I do I dos

are all yours folding girl.

Lucy Glendinning - Folding Girl , 2010

1 year ago | 08:58am
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